About Us

We are a small, award winning, general practice serving the people of Bingley, Gilstead, Eldwick and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

We are based in Bingley, and our aim is to provide an efficient, high-quality service in a friendly atmosphere.

We provide the latest in terms of modern medical care, yet maintain a personal touch for our patients.

We specialise in palliative care and elderly care, but we provide all the general care services expected of a surgery and more.

Our immediate practice area is Bingley, Gilstead, Eldwick, Crossflatts, East and West Morton, Cottingley, Nab Wood, Sandbeds and Riddlesden. 

We also train medical students from Leeds University and other future general practitioners. 

Our doctors take pride in directing the next generation of health care providers. 

The practice is ‘working to become a dementia friendly’ health care provider.

To visit our action plan please go to: Dementia Action Alliance.

Patients, family and carers can access supportive information about Dementia by visiting: Alzheimer’s Society.

The Memory Clinic runs at the Practice on a weekly basis for patients who live in the surrounding areas of Bingley.

These sessions and appointments are organised via the Single Point of Access via Meridian House, Bradford District Care Trust.

Our Approach

We like to make things personal.

All patients are designated a named general practitioner; the accountable doctor’s role is to take overall responsibility for the care and support the surgery provides to the patient.

If you are unsure of your named GP please ask a member of our reception team when you next attend the surgery.

We are flexible in our surgery times to fit patient schedules where possible, and we do home visits as well, especially when providing elderly and palliative care.

Our Mission

We are proud of our ethos of patient friendly care, where the patients get to know their doctor and the doctor gets to know the patient.

This traditional approach has enabled our general practice to continue to provide holistic care and practise family medicine in the best possible sense.

Our doctors work very closely with patients and even visit certain elderly patients in hospital when they are admitted, again, to ensure continuity and liaison between hospital and primary care.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide traditional, yet high-quality family medicine in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • To continue to provide a one-to-one approach where patients can be seen by the same doctor of their choice.
  • To ensure continuity of care, patients can see the doctor of their choice and develop a relationship with that doctor.
  • To offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of the practice’s registered patients.
  • To offer independent services that meet the needs of patients at the practice and other people who live in the surrounding area.

Our Partnerships

The Carers’ Resource

We have leaflets in the Practice about the organisation the Carer’s Resource.

The Carers’ Resource provides confidenital support for carers.

Carers look after family, partners or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability. 

If you are a Carer please make yourself known to the GP at the time of Consultation or at Reception and we can put you in contact with the Carers’ Resource.

Tel: 01274 449660

Learn More

Windhill Advice Service

The Windhill Advice service is here in the surgery once a week on Wednesday mornings.

Please ask reception about a free and confidential appointment.

The service covers the following services:

Problems with benefits, welfare benefit checks, debt and money problems, employment problems, family and personal issues, consumer problems, immigration and asylum problems or other problems.